Your Web Base

February 18, 2016 Carl Goodnight 0

Get Paid when you, your friends and their friends try ours & our clients new products and services for free up to 35 levels deep. You do not need to sponsor others to earn with our program but your earnings will be substantially higher if you have a downline. How [more]

E-Earn It Explained

February 18, 2016 Carl Goodnight 0

Published on Feb 18, 2016 Audio Podcast Audio recording >> is an exciting new program that helps customers and businesses both small and large get what they need. Anyone can make money with People can make money by referring people to Customers can make money when they [more]

Bouncer vs Loudmouth

February 18, 2016 Carl Goodnight 0

A guy wants to get into the club, and is not let in. What he doesn’t know is: the bouncer he is annoying is Michael Kuhr – a 5x kickboxing world champion. And the bouncer has got a very important mobile number: the number of loudmouths brother.

China Airlines Flight 611 Disaster

February 16, 2016 Carl Goodnight 0

China Airlines Flight 611 (CAL 611, CI 611, call sign Dynasty 611) was a regularly scheduled flight from Chiang Kai-shek International Airport (now Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport) in Taoyuan to Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong. On 25 May 2002, the Boeing 747-209B disintegrated in mid-air and crashed into [more]